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​Dual Diagnosis Anonymous

'To Live Without Hope Is To Cease To Live'



  • Please note that due to COVID-19, all 'in person' DDA meetings are currently cancelled.  This situation will be reviewed regularly and in line with advice.
  • However, we are operating free online DDA video meetings via 'Zoom' instead.  (links below)
  • Newcomers are welcome! 
  • DDA USA also runs daily Zoom meetings (links below)
  • We know that this is a difficult time for everyone, so DDA's 24 Hour Personal Support Line will continue to be open throughout this temporary closure period (see bottom of this page for number).
  • Please call us anytime, if you need any support; practical advice; or a listening and understanding ear.
  • Online Zoom Meetings - DDA UK:

     Tuesdays and Fridays, 7pm; 

 use this Zoom Link:


                                  No password

Wednesdays, 7pm DDA Creative Session (Zoom ID 8 4 2 4 0 9 8 1 5 7 3 ), followed by 8pm DDA Meeting (you can attend either, or both!)

Zoom Meeting ID: 8 4 2 4 0 9 8 1 5 7 3 

Password 636449


Saturdays, 11am

Meeting ID is 844 769 454 97

Passcode is 524975

Sundays, 7.30pm


Zoom meeting ID...6542959774  


                            Password: martin 


DDA Step WorkShops, Mondays, 7.30pm:

Please note that the Monday meeting is a specific ‘Step Workshop’ for DDA members who are working through each of the 12+5 Steps of DDA. So unless you are already working through these steps, we encourage you to attend our Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday Zoom meetings for a more traditional sharing space.

Meeting ID is 844  769  454  97

Passcode is 524975

Please contact us on the phone number/email address below if you have any questions about the Step workshop or would like a DDA Workbook.


DDA Online Zoom Meetings USA (**please note the times on the U.S. website are U.S. time!**)

DDA USA Website:

DDA USA also has a Resource/Chat Line and Chat Room on Facebook:

Stay well and safe.

What​ is DDA?

DDA stands for 'Dual Diagnosis Anonymous'.

We are a peer support/mutual aid fellowship that supports people with a combination of mental health issues and addiction/substance/alcohol misuse (otherwise known as a Dual Diagnosis).

We follow a '12 plus 5' Step Model.  Our extra 5 steps specifically address the mental health aspect of a dual diagnosis.  Therefore our programme of recovery is particularly designed to support people who are struggling with more than one problem.

We are made up of people who have lived experience of Dual Diagnosis, so know what someone may be going through.

At Dual Diagnosis Anonymous our services are not just limited to those who are struggling with dual disorders. We also welcome and extend our help to their families and friends, as well as health care providers and other interested parties.

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